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Diaper Rash Before and After Pedi-Derm Bum Paste

My daughter has been having issues with horrific diaper rash. Not only was it red, raw and inflamed it even had a few open sores. When I explained this situation to Letourneau’s, they had me try “Pedi-Derm Bum Paste”. It was unbelievable . . . . the improvement went from an angry open sore rash to totally healed in about 4-5 days – which was phenomenal.

Honestly, as a mom with a child that is suffering, you would give your right arm to have them feel better, and after trying every other cream – it was clear “Pedi-Derm Bum Paste” was the only cream that worked. So I now have a jar at home, in the car, and at day care!!

Susan in Andover, MA


Andover, MA

The Bum Paste was a Miracle Cure

I am the mother of four children. My oldest daughter, Erin Elaine, was born with CP and was very medically involved. She had no independent body movement. She had to be repositioned every 45 minutes 24 hours a day to prevent skin break down. Even being repositioned this often her skin would still breakdown especially in her peri area and bottom. Early on in her life she would spend many days in the hospital. A few of her admissions were do to cellulitis which was directly related to her skin breakdown. For many years we tried many different mixtures that the doctors and nurses would come up with to heal her broken skin. Nothing ever worked.

One day in the ICU I was speaking to another mom of a child with CP. I was telling her our problem with our daughter’s skin breakdown. She told me about this special bum paste that she was using. She could only get it at Letourneau’s Pharmacy in Andover but is was worth the half hour trip to get it. Her son had not had a breakdown since she started using the paste. I explained that I lived 10 minutes from the pharmacy and I was going to get some the next day. My husband brought the paste into the hospital and we began using it right away.

Within three days her open skin was healed. After that whenever her skin would show signs of redness we would begin using the paste again. From that time on my daughter may have had a few red areas on her skin but never did she have skin breakdown again. I had two children after I started using the bum paste and when ever they had a diaper rash I would use the bum paste and the rash would clear within hours. The bum paste was a miracle cure for my daughter and it also helped to keep diaper rash away for my other children. I plan on buying the bum paste as a gift for when my grandchildren are born.

Barbara Ann

North Andover, MA

It worked very well and cured their problem every time

My wife was confined to a bed in hospitals and nursing homes for eight years… During this time she was prone to rashes and bed sores on her buttocks. None of the lotions and pastes that they applied worked. My daughter made me aware of a product called “Pedi-Derm Bum Paste” that she bought from Letourneau’s drug store and used on her babies for diaper rash. It worked very well and cured their problem every time. I bought this paste & every time my wife developed the sores and rashes, I applied this bum paste to the affected areas that worked like a miracle and cured her.


Lawrence, MA

From the first moment I used it, I had immediate relief

After bariatric surgery, I had a pretty upset digestive system (not surprisingly!) Since I just had to wait for things to settle down, I had used just about every diaper rash cream in the cupboard hoping to get some relief. When nothing really worked, I went to Letourneau’s, where they suggested I try their Pedi-Derm Bum Paste. From the first moment I used it, I had immediate relief. As I recovered from surgery, my system returned to normal, but nothing felt as good in that first week as their magic paste. I’ve lost over 70 lbs after surgery, from improved diet and faithful exercise, but the Pedi-Derm Bum Paste helped me keep going when things were pretty tender.


Andover, MA